Vivaldi Browser 1.12 Adds Image Inspector

The latest version of the web browser Vivaldi (1.12.955.3) has already been released, and it adds on a new Image Inspector feature built-in natively. Vivaldi 1.12 will be able to display all the information available based on the image meta data, its developer says. The company behind the Vivaldi web browser thinks that the new… Read More »

Mac Trick: Quit All Background Apps at Once

In macOS, even you shut down an app by clicking the Close button in the interface, it could still run on the background. Surely you can trace down the related background processes via the Activity Monitor, and force quit selected ones from there. Yet have you thought of quickly exit out of all running apps… Read More »

Mac: Learn Some ‘Command’ Keyboard Shortcuts

Looking for some ways to speed up your productivity when using your Mac? By pressing a combination of keys you can do many things that normally need a mouse and trackpad, and hence mastering keyboard shortcuts could help you use the Mac easier and much more efficient. Whether you are a Mac beginner or even… Read More »

How to Quickly Batch Rename Files on macOS

It is very straightforward to rename a single file on Mac, as all you need to do is to select the item in Finder or Desktop, hit Return key and type in the new name. Yet prior to OS X Yosemite, users need to apply third party apps to batch rename multiple files in Finder.… Read More »

1Passowrd Wants Customers to Store Data in Cloud

1Password is a password manager developed by AgileBits Inc. This cross-platform tool allows users to store various passwords, software licenses and other sensitive data in a virtual vault encrypted by a PBKDF2-guarded master password. During the setup, you can choose to store password files locally, or synchronize them to remote servers through Dropbox, local Wifi,… Read More »

How to Change Read & Write Permissions on Mac

Permission settings allow specific users to view or modify files on the computer. You can set a file or folder to be read-only so that other users who log in to your Mac cannot change or delete it. You can also restrict the permissions for certain users and groups to prevent the file from being… Read More »

How to Change Default Search Engine in Safari

Perhaps most Mac users would choose Safari as their default web browser for the sake of convenience. As we often need to use search engine when looking for information or websites, how can we change the default search engine to a more familiar one? This post is going to show Mac novices how to quickly… Read More »

Safari’s New Features in macOS High Sierra

At the WWDC 2017 event held in early June, Apple announced the next release of macOS operating system for the Mac and MacBook products, labeled as macOS High Sierra. MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, due to release in this fall, brings some new features and useful refinements to built-in apps including Safari, Photos, Mails and more.… Read More »

Safari Technology Preview 32 Adds High Sierra Support

Apple recently released a new update (32) for the Safari Technology Preview. As a experimental browser the company introduced in March of 2016, it is mainly used to test new web features that may be introduced into the future release versions of Safari. According to the release notes, Safari Technology Preview 32 adds some web-facing… Read More »