Opera 53 Developer Build Adds News below Speed Dial

By | March 8, 2018


Opera Software recently promoted its Opera 53 web browser to the developer channel.

In this upcoming release, one of the most notable features is the newly-added news column which can be seen directly below the Speed Dial. After getting users’ consent, Opera 53 will present the news based on users’ personal preferences. Currently Opera 53 users in United States, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have been able to access the news feature, and it is likely to be available for more countries and regions in the final stable version.

Apart from the news feature, Opera 53 developer build also fixes multiple bugs and issues, including the wrong order of opened pages from Speed Dial and crashes when saving PDF.

Here’s the full list of the changes and highlight in Opera 53:

  • DNA-66296 OtherSpeedDialsCleanerTest.* fails
  • DNA-66595 [Mac][TouchBar] “Open new tab” slow when a text field is focused
  • DNA-66655 Color of search engine icon backgrounds & names are reversed after switching dark/light theme
  • DNA-67623 [Win] “OK” button is not a default option in JS prompt
  • DNA-67813 [Win] User onboarding for #show-all-extensions feature
  • DNA-67853 Restyle Header component on Settings page
  • DNA-67855 Add icons to links to URLs and certificates for Ad-block
  • DNA-67895 Move HTTP traffic handling to News Service
  • DNA-67921 Popup font too faint on windows
  • DNA-67927 Permission popup cannot be closed
  • DNA-67928 Consent popup pops up more than once a day
  • DNA-67929 [Lin] Opera icon isn’t displayed in O-menu
  • DNA-67936 Use transparent favicon if fetching the real one fails
  • DNA-67937 Sanitize content received from Feed News
  • DNA-67939 Do not show News in private mode
  • DNA-67982 Expand window & show suggestions after they are received from API
  • DNA-67992 [Win10] Wikipedia search engine icon is invisible for dark theme
  • DNA-68016 DCHECK after entering “test” or “example” in search box.
  • DNA-68052 “Unknown decoder name encountered” warnings in debug log

You can test the new features and performance improvements on your non-productivity Mac, but note that it is a pre-release version that may contain unresolved bugs.

To download the Opera developer for macOS, click this link.

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