Mac: Learn Some ‘Command’ Keyboard Shortcuts

By | August 17, 2017


Looking for some ways to speed up your productivity when using your Mac? By pressing a combination of keys you can do many things that normally need a mouse and trackpad, and hence mastering keyboard shortcuts could help you use the Mac easier and much more efficient.

Whether you are a Mac beginner or even an experienced user who still use mouse for everything, you should really learn to know some crucial keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

Here are some Command keyboard shortcuts in macOS system:

  • Command + A: Select All items
  • Command – X: Cut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard
  • Command – C: Copy the selected item to the Clipboard
  • Command – V: Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app
  • Command – Q: Quit the application
  • Command – W: Close the front window
  • Command – M: Minimize the front window to the Dock
  • Command – N: Open an new document or window
  • Command – Z: Undo the previous command
  • Command – S: Save the current document
  • Command – H: Hide the windows of the front app
  • Command – Option – H: View the front app but hide all other apps
  • Command – Space: Show or hide the Spotlight search field/change input sources
  • Command – Delete: Select Delete or Don’t Save in a dialog that contains a Delete or Don’t Save button
  • Command – Shift – Delete: Empty the Trash
  • Command – Shift – 3: Take a screenshot of the entire screen
  • Command – Shift – 4: Select the zone and save the screenshot to the Desktop

Here are some commonly-used keyboard shortcuts in Safari:

  • Command – T: Create a new blank window
  • Command – W: Close the active tab (close Safari if there is only one tab)
  • Command – Z: Restore the tab that is just closed
  • Command – D: Save the tab to the bookmark list
  • Command – R: Refresh the active tab
  • Command – . : Stop loading
  • Command – 1/2/3/4: Select one of your first four tabs
  • Command – click a link or bookmark: Open a page in a new tab
  • Command – Shift – click a link: Open a page in a new tab, and make that tab the active tab
  • Command – +/-/0: Zoom in page/zoom out page/restore the default state of the page
  • Command – ↑/↓: Scroll to the top-left/bottom-left corner of the page
  • Command – Home key: Go to your homepage
  • Command – Control – 1: Show or Hide the Bookmarks sidebar
  • Command – Control – 2: Show or Hide the Reading List sidebar

To know more Mac keyboard shortcuts, you can refer to the Apple Support Page. Bookmark this page so you can return to it when you try to recall some keyboard shortcuts.

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